Comprehensive Marketing Plans 

Individually designed to maximise the marketing for your business, with prices to suit every business! All plans include:

Introduction: Focusing on the company and its industry.

Situation Analysis and SWOT analysis: Focusing on the micro and macro environmental factors that the company is facing with special reference to the company’s online presence.

E-Marketing strategic planning: Focusing on the company’s segmentation, targeting, differentiation and positioning strategies especially for its operations online.

E-marketing objectives: State 3 to 5 e-marketing objectives that the company may wish to achieve in the next 1-2 years.

Marketing mix strategies: Recommending the 4 P strategies (Product, Price, Promotion & Place) through which the company can achieve the above-mentioned objectives 

Implementation: This section will discuss all relevant activities required to implement, such as updates to the website & creating AdWords campaigns. It will also discuss all the relevant activities that are required in order to execute & implement the 4 P strategies.

Budget and Evaluation: This section will show realistically how much the business will need to spend to accomplish all the activities, it will also discuss how the business can measure/evaluate the effectiveness of your plan.

online marketing

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Google AdWords

A complete Adwords campaign setup with 15 ads and a minimum of 2000 keywords, including ad extensions, with the campaign designed to appeal to your target market.

There is a setup fee of $150 for all campaigns.

You can have your campaign designed to be self-managed with complete instructions on how to self-manage or have it managed by our capable team!   


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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is more than just content creation!

We can create a full social media plan helping you figure out what type of content will help you engage your target market when the best time to post is to engage you're desired demographic and help you to configure your social media PPC ads.

We can create a complex social media management package designed to suit your budget including content creation and paid boost for your brand.

We have self-managed content packs available for your business, with image and written content posts to suit your business and desired target market.

social media

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Marketing Research

We can conduct qualitative and quantitive research on your target markets, and give you a better understanding of the threats your business is facing! Conducting marketing research can give your business a better understanding of your market and your customers wants and needs. Furthermore, it can give you a greater insight into your competitors, which can help you create more informed decisions about your business and help you make the most of your marketing. 

computers for market research

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Website Updates For SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is essential for every business online presence, as more and more consumers look online for their products and services. consumers trust their search engine results believing the higher on the page the better the business must be, as not many consumers will not look past the first page of results when searching for something. This makes being on that first-page vitality important for your business.  having the right keywords on your pages and plugged in for your SEO makes a huge difference for your SEO.  Otherwise, if you just want to give your site a facelift we can help you their also.

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Content Writing

Statistics show that you have three seconds to grab a reader's attention when they land on your webpage.  In that three seconds, you need to be able to tell the reader who you are and what you offer.  If they get to the bottom of your text, you then have the chance to employ your call to action. That is, you can tell the reader what to do next. 

As part of our web writing services, we can provide you with concise, tailored content, with strong calls to action to keep your clients moving through your website.



Blogs allow you the freedom to write in virtually any tone you want, while also injecting the writer's personality. They also allow you to share your passion for certain parts of your business.  Blogs are also a fabulous marketing tool because they help generate connections with new clients, and can drive traffic to a website. 
 A well-crafted blog takes time to write. If you aren't a writer, you can spend many frustrating hours typing up something which may or may not be suitable for your business. Why not leave the stress of creating a great blog for someone who enjoys writing - like us? That way you will have more free time to do what you love.

computer for blogs

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Graphic Design for Logos, Business Cards

Do you need a Logo created?

Or what about some attention-grabbing business cards?

Or do you need someone capable to fix up some photos for your website or social media for you?

If that's the case we have you covered!

creative images

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All our brochures are be set out to be aesthetically pleasing and

written to ensure they tick several structural boxes.

That is, the brochure must:

- target the audience/reader

- highlight the business purpose/services

- tell the reader why they should engage the business

- state why this business is different from others in the field

- project a little of the business' personality

When we write a brochure for a business, like the attached example, we ensure that we take the time to get to know the business and the people who run it. By doing this, we are not only ticking all of the boxes, but we are ensuring that we are providing our client with a tailored, unique brochure which sets them apart from their competitors. 

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Newsletters can be used for various reasons and, therefore, require different tones and elements.  The attached example newsletter was written with the intent of being educational and informative and was intended for the clients of that specific business. But newsletters can also be written for internal use, that is, only for the eyes of the employees of the business. Then there are the newsletters, such as school newsletters, which are intended to provide updates and reminders to parents and students. This format can also be used for sporting clubs or volunteer organisations. 


Because each newsletter style targets different demographics, it can be difficult to determine what needs to be included. This is why, when we are writing a newsletter, we ensure that we keep the audience foremost in our minds. By doing this, we can target the content of the newsletter specifically to your readers which is more likely to keep them engaged: because no one likes to read boring newsletters.

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Financial services 

Business Financial Coaching 

Have you started your own business and have no idea how to keep your financial records?

Do you want help to plan out your financial costs? 

Are you looking to expand but unsure if it is viable for your business/brand right now?

Do you just need a little advice on what to do with the financial status of your business?

If this is the case we can help! contact us today to set up and appointment to help solve your financial worries! 

financal planning

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Do you need help to figure out your expenses and to budget correctly for your business? are you left wondering where all your income is going?

If that's the case we can help you! We can delve into your all records and discover what your necessary expenses are and help you plan for them as well as help you discover what your true profit margins are!


Profit & Loss Analysis

Do you need someone to help you sort out your expenses to know what your true profit margins are? I can help you by analysing your income and expenses to discover what your profits are! furthermore, I can possibly help you save money by analysing all your expenses and seeing if there are cheaper alternatives!



Price Analysis

let me help you find out the true cost of your products, and help you discover what prices you should be charging for your products. I can conduct market research for your business and discover what your target market is willing to pay and analyse that against your expenses to help you discover your products optimal prices!




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