SWOT ~ Strengths Weakness Opportunities Threats

A complete SWOT analysis of your business is an excellent way to find out what threats your business is facing in your industry. it also highlights all your Opportunities to overcome your weakness and gives you an insight into your threats allowing you to compensate for them and sure up your defensive strategies.  a full SWOT analysis should give you an insight into your business and your competitors that you otherwise wouldn't have. 


Are you're trying to figure out your if consumers are happy with your service?

Or just want to find out consumers feelings towards your brand?

We can help you with your Market research, as we can create you a survey designed to give you the results you want. It's not as simple as asking your market a question it's about asking them the right question!

If your questions are leading as in "what do you love about us?" it frames your consumer's mind to only think positive about your brand before they even answer the question. Instead, you want them to tell you the truth about what they think of your brand so you can improve on your weakness and promote your strengths.

Infographic example of what goes into solving complex marketing research problem



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