I helped Katrina with setting up her website. We had many discussions about layout to find a style she was comfortable with. We also searched for a colour scheme which suited the personality of her website. Katrina wanted something professional, inviting and something which was unique to ‘her’. I also assisted Katrina with selecting her logo.

Once Katrina was satisfied with her website I helped her with launching it and establishing an AdWords campaign. We also worked on improving her Search Engine Optimisation and metadata.

I developed a social media campaign for Katrina which saved her time by ensuring she was ‘present’ on the relevant social media outlets for her business. During development, I provided Katrina with advice on simple yet effective social media strategies which will help her engage with new clientele.

I have also provided Katrina with advice regarding the financial side of her business. I assisted her with obtaining an ABN and provided her with basic advice regarding her GST obligations and tax obligations. Together, we also created her invoice, quote and receipt templates.




“I have consulted with Jess through every stage of my business.  She helped me establish my professional persona which showcases my business and shows clientele what makes me unique.  During these initial stages, Jess also provided me with financial advice about my obligations with GST and Tax.

Jess has been invaluable and keeping my website up-to-date. She has created Ad Words campaigns for me and, also improved my search engine results, so more people find my website. Jess has also provided me with advice and guidance on ways to improve my social media interaction.

Throughout this whole process, Jess has been brutally honest – which is refreshing. I know that she has my business’ best interest in mind when she tells me that my website photos are not suitable or that my social media ideas could be improved. This is just one of the aspects of Jess’ work, which I love.

I will be seeking Jess’ help when the time comes to discuss the financial obligations and marketing strategies for the launch of my upcoming novels.  

If you are looking for someone with passion, honesty and creative ideas to make you stand out, contact JMF!”

  • Katrina Nissen, freelance writer and author,  18 April 2018




Western Australia



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